How You Can Stay Safe While Shopping

12 December 2020

No one could have predicted the scale or intensity of which the American economy was forced to shut down.  Some say it was simply necessary to keep us safe.  Others say politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle took advantage of the situation in order to advance their political agenda.  In truth, as a country, we may never know which one was true.  Maybe it’s a little of both.

Either way, we believe that “expecting the best” and “preparing for the worst” is the most prudent course of action.  We’ve found that truism tends to be true about most aspects of our lives.  “Expecting the best” would be that this whole pandemic thing has been blown way out of proportion.  “Preparing for the worst” means that we as free Americans right here in Addison, Texas ought to individually take steps to ensure that we can stay safe while shopping, just in case any aspect of the worst case scenario happens to be true, to whatever degree.

Now that the American economy is slowly opening up here in Texas, consumers here in Addison have the same basic question:

How can we support local Addison businesses while keeping ourselves and our families safe?

Many of the leading health organizations across the world have compiled guidelines and shortlists of safety practices. We at the Addison Deals Network wanted to make sure that you – right here in Addison, Texas – had this important information at your fingertips, along with how this may look in Addison versus other cities in Texas.

stay safe while shopping

How To Stay Safe While Shopping

When it comes to shopping at local businesses in Addison, take the following steps to ensure you can stay safe while shopping:

1. Wearing A Mask

Masks are important to keeping your family, the business you are entering or interacting with, and yourself safe. The CDC recommends everyone over the age of 2 wear a cloth mask that covers your nose and mouth.

  • It should be secured under your chin. (Not the whole mask, Addison.  Just the bottom of it!)
  • Ensure it is tight against sides of your face but still allow you to breathe with ease.

Additionally, when it comes to wearing a mask, to be sure you stay safe while shopping, the CDC also recommends:

  • Wash your hands before putting on your mask.
  • Don’t let it rub against your neck or your forehead.
  • Wash your mask after every use, either in the washing machine or hand washing it using a bleach solution.

If you are unsure about whether or not the mask you bought (or made yourself) meets the CDC guidelines, they have compiled a step-by-step guide on crafting one of your own here.

2. Social Distancing

Social distancing practices are absolutely critical to your safety when entering any local business in Addison.  The “powers that be” encourage us all to strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines.  So, it is incredibly important that you have a proper understanding of what this term actually means.

According to the American Red Cross, the term “social distancing” means:

  1. Staying at least six feet away from other people
  2. Avoiding gathering in groups
  3. Limiting gatherings to household members only
  4. Staying out of heavily crowded areas

Consider following these guidelines not because the government requires it, but out of a desire to “err on the side of caution.”

3. Disinfecting

Lastly, in order to be as safe as possible while shopping in support of local businesses:

  1. Be sure that you are properly using disinfectant.
  2. Be sure the Addison business where you plan to shop is doing the same.

For yourself…

  1. Make sure that you wash your hands frequently.
  2. Do it for at least 20 seconds (about the length of the “Happy Birthday” song)
  3. Use a good sanitizer
  4. Stay away from those who are not practicing proper sanitation themselves.

The World Health Organization provides a list of personal safety guidelines, which includes methods on using alcohol-based sanitizer here.

When you enter a local business, notice if they are practicing proper precautions themselves. According to the CDC:

  • Businesses should be disinfecting surfaces frequently.
  • They should do so with either a mixture of soap, water, and disinfectant or a highly concentrated disinfectant.
  • They should also make sure that sick employees stay home to keep everyone else safe, including you!

Safety While Shopping: Summary

The greatest way to stay safe while shopping is by being educated about what you can do on your own as an Addison shopper.  Educate yourself about what Addison local businesses should be doing to help maintain the health and safety of the Addison community, and consider rewarding only those businesses working to keep you safe with your patronage.

The shop local movement, which is the backbone of The Addison Deals Network, is powered by the relationship between local Addison businesses and the Addison community.

Supporting Addison local businesses is crucial if we are going to continue to thrive as a community.  We MUST focus on supporting our local Addison businesses.  We MUST keep each other safe by doing our part!

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