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14856 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75254, USA

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    Lia F.
    October 21, 2021

    Trader Joe’s is the funnest place to grocery shop! From the colorful entry of welcoming flowers to my favorite cheese case…buy the Stilton with apricots, but save me one (right now there’s Stilton with cranberries)…to the incredible freezer section and spices to make your food, mouth, and stomach happy. The employees are extra helpful.

    BLR (Shades)
    September 29, 2022

    Love Trader's Joe. They were out of 2 of my favorite items 1lb almond chocolate bars & coffee ice cream. They think they will get some in tomorrow's shipment. Here's hoping! Mandarin Orange Chicken with Fried rice is one of our favorite meals. I'm trying the Cinnamon Cake, will let you know later I'll update. Great prices on nuts, love their potatoe & corn chips. Love their Palmelo & Lemon hand soaps. Oh don't forget the frozen Brussel sprouts & chopped spinach. So many good things to buy.

    Damon Hopkins
    November 25, 2022

    The kid cart was great for me. The inside was kind of cool which I mean that it was cold but not cold or hot it was the perfect temperature. The food and drinks and stuff is useful. I like to shop here with my grandma and parents. I think people who like this store should give this place a 5 or 4 star rating. Happy Thanksgiving! --Emilia age 8

    Lydia Vinar
    July 23, 2022

    This Trader Joe’s is amongst the cleanest, friendliest, and best-stocked in DFW. I’ve only had pleasant experiences here! It feels especially neighborhood-esque as opposed to some larger store locations in the city. Highly recommend. TJ Hack: The fresh pizza dough in their refrigerated section is our favorite. We make in regularly paired with their TJ pizza sauce!

    Lisa Chaudhry
    September 10, 2022

    Finally visited this store for the first time. I was a little disappointed after all the hype about how great the store is. There were some good prices found on frozen food and produce items. Also there were items you might find at Sprouts or Whole Foods (dried fruit; cheese; nuts). For myself, nothing there I can't do without.

    Trader Joe’s

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    14856 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75254, USA

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