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    Leslie Rasco
    July 11, 2022

    I'm glad I used my points instead of actually paying real money for our stay. It was adequate. I've stayed in worse, I've stayed in better. It seemed as though the owners simply didn't care to maintain the hotel. I'm not sure what agreement the owners have with some type of housing authority, but there are people staying long term at this hotel. Most of them smoke pot. I know this because the hallways all smell like pot. The elevator and our room did not, thankfully beds were soft, pillows were soft, and we were able to keep room cool. The bathroom was fair. It was clean, but could use a little maintenance attention. Breakfast was less than stellar. Honestly it sucked. The only high spot is that they have two waffle makers. We didn't visit the pool. In a surprise move they cleaned our room during our two night stay. Bottom line, I wouldn't pay money to stay, but as a free rewards, it served its purpose. I would not stay here with small children, and don't expect more than an enclose motel 6 experience.

    Kevin Fry
    August 20, 2022

    Issued room 105 to begin with...furniture was tattered, bathroom was not clean, but when we pulled back the covers there was human hair all over the bottom sheet...thick, short curly hairs. We asked the front desk for a different room and they could only accommodate a two double bed room instead of another king bed. No problem...off to room 222...as long as it's clean. This room at least had clean sheets, however carpet was filthy. Little bits of food and debris everywhere on the floor. Furniture in even worse condition. Sink in living area was dripping and could not be fully shut off. Bathroom looked cleaner but everything that should be white was dingy so it was hard to tell if was actually clean. Smoke detector chirped every 35 seconds...actually timed it. Informed front desk of issue with the detector...left to get a bite to eat...come back and still not corrected. Went to the front desk again and we were told that someone entered the room and corrected the issue. Nope...they didn't. Asked for someone to resolve the issue as all we wanted to do was go to bed after a long day of travel. Asked them to have someone remedy the issue or we wanted a full refund so we could take our business elsewhere. Ended up asking for that refund and informed desk that we were leaving since no other rooms were said to be available...after already having problems with the first two room. Couldn't issue a refund because their systems were miraculously down upon our asking for that refund to be issued along with proof/receipt of said refund being processed. Clerk gave us a hand-written note for our troubles. Will never go back and decided to write this review. Not worth anyone's time...hallways even filthy...debris on hallway floors everywhere. Walls in disrepair...holes need patching and everything needs to be painted. We took pictures of their operating license and I have no clue how the premises could be issued one in its current state. Something tells me we won't see our refund, however I hope the proprietor does the right thing.

    Taj Mills
    September 05, 2022

    The quality/value/cleanliness/staff were excellent. Value was superb. When I initially inquired, saw the rates, I thought I'd, at best get a one-star room with shady characters all around... I couldn't have been .ite mistaken. The room was clean, spacious, clean, all the amenities that you'd find at a Hilton type hotel but half the cost... I highly recommend this hotel. As a matter of fact, this will be my go-to hotel whenever I'm in the area... A+

    Tyler Nelson
    September 24, 2022

    The staff was very rude and no customer service whats so ever. The rooms had paint falling off the walls. no electrical covers covering outlets. Carpet floor was wet by the bar sink area. Table side lamp had no light bulb and was broken. Shower had only two settings warm and boiling hott. There were splash stains all over the doors walls and bed frames. Throughout the night teenagers were being loud and running up and down the halls at 2 am. The bed sheets had red juice stains on them. Hotel manager was not compassionate to guests especially when we were trying to extend our night in rooms we already were staying in and he declined and said they reserved our rooms already. We moved to a Best Western down the street and got treated 1000 times better then they did and the rooms were cleaner and no deposit.

    Michael rivera
    June 03, 2022

    DISGUSTING SMELL, NO BREAKFAST, NO HOUSEKEEPING. The smell was unbearable throughout the hotel from stepping in all the way to the room. The room itself was Disgusting and poorly painted with stains on each wall including the ceiling, sheets, and pull out mattress. Vacuums are out of their budget because there was trash everywhere. I was told breakfast was from 7-9 woke up to nothing asked and informed “the person that’s supposed to do it didn’t show up”. Booked a three night stay left after one. Upon leaving I over heard multiple complaints from numerous tenants. These five star reviews are fakes. Look/smell for yourself. Yuck town. And I hope I don’t get someone replying to this saying “so sorry to hear about your stay.. “ instead of replying to this negative review go buy a vacuum and do the bare minimum.

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