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    Javier Martinez
    April 25, 2022

    This is a really nice apartment complex area with great restaurants. I am at the Lewis Place. The apartment is very nice and the customer service of the sales managers is very good in general. There were a couple of details I was concerned with and were resolved as soon as I asked for their help. I had to go back to the leasing office couple of times. One is to find out where laundry is. The laundry is located in a different building than mine so I have to walk outside my building into another building around the corner. This is inconvenient. The agent walked with me to find where it is located. The second issue is that I had to go back to the leasing office to find out where is the mail box and right away they gave me te keys to the box and directed me to where the mail box is. Everything else is fine! Very happy to have found this place since I just moved from Houston and was in a time constraint to find an apartment. I was able to move into my apartment a day after signing up and it is close to where I am working. Thank you guys!

    Doc Daneeka
    June 17, 2022

    I like it here and really want to stay another year. Rent increases are absurd however, mine at nearly 14% and others have been looking at increases well into the 20% range. It doesn't make sense, I've had a pleasant time here but we are paying more for demonstrably less than what I got when I first moved in. Less security doors working, call boxes don't work, pools are cleaned less often, equipment has been stolen from the workout areas etc. Love the area, and have never had any problems with the office and maintenance team. I'm sure these ridiculous rents come from higher up in the MAA company. I may update this if I end up working out a better deal, fingers crossed

    Keith Yarmchuk
    May 28, 2022

    I LOVED my time here. Moved to Dallas for work for 3 years. Any issues with my apartment were handled quickly and efficiently. Neighborhood is really great with restaurants and bars in walking distance. Several parks and walking trails right outside your door.

    Patty Bowles
    June 07, 2022

    When I first moved here almost 4 years ago it was great!!! You could actually afford to live here. Now you cannot afford the prices, which I totally understand all apartments are going up in rent. My disappointing factors with MAA are the elevators NEVER work, again. I know that is not exactly their fault either, however if you live on the fourth floor and have to move and the elevator is not working they could care less. They are down for months (and when I say that I mean that) and when your garage apartment elevator is down and your apartment building elevator is down, you cannot even go grocery shopping unless you want to haul all those groceries up and down stairs. We pay for these services. When they are not available to us we are supposed to just deal with it. Well when your lease is up and you transfer to another apartment within the MAA neighborhood and the apartment you are transferring to will not be ready for four days after your lease is up they will charge you the month to month term not caring it is out of your hands when the apartment is ready. This place has gone down hill and the office staff won't even listen to you. I have never complained or been late on my rent. I mean if I am willing to stay and continue to be a good tenant why wouldn't they want to work with you. It's 4 days PEOPLE. The pools are disgusting. Don't even think about entering the pool bathrooms if you do have a mask and lysol with you. The pool furniture is worn out. It's over 5 years old. Everyone paying an extra 18.00 on their rent a month should at least cover some of that....I am so disappointed with this place and I loved living here. It has gotten awful. Homeless people sleeping everywhere in the complex, safety an issue because the "security doors" NEVER work. I have lived in building one for 13 months and the security gate by the old Latin Deli has never worked. What are we paying for????? I have never seen pest control. The trash rooms are gross. The only thing that looks nice around here is the lawns. SUPER SUPER SUPER disappointed in this place I used to love.

    Abhishek Muppiri
    September 09, 2022

    Deliberated a lot before posting this, but here it goes…. I’ve lived here for almost 4years to say that I will NOT recommend this place for anyone considering this apartment. This place has changed so much over the years. 1. The rental has gone up by over 13percent in 1 year. They are comparing to neighboring appts to justify this. But the reality is that the apartment buildings are over 30yrs old! 2. The maintenance folks and front desk staff are courteous and have a good work ethic. Some specific members management are terrible. Due to this the maintenance requests take forever to get done. 3. Our building is infested with ants over the last 2 years and most of my floor folks have complained only to find least response from the management to tackle it 4. Building are old and are prone to too many maintenance issues. I have had over 20issues in just 2022. 5. Some apartment roofs leak and it takes over a month to fix it every time.. I have had this happen 3 times. Today I found - one of the staff members has a been lying that a maintenance request has been put-in, only for me to realize after 3 days of visiting the office that no such request has been made. It’s unfortunately very disappointing.

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