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    Zaid Aldhahi
    August 03, 2022

    I didn’t give 1 star because the food was delicious. Other than that, I had a bad experience here. Before I went there with my friends, one of my friends called them to make a reservation, they told him that the minimum spending is $25 and there will be a singer and belly dancer. After we went there, the waitress kept bugging us by offering things to order (we were already ordered our food and we were waiting). The thing is after we finished the food, the waitress came to us and said the minimum spending is $35! We asked her to talk to her manager because we have told that the minimum spending is only $25. She called her manager many times and he never came to us. Also, we stayed there until 11:15 pm and there was no singer, no belly dancer, nothing except a regular DJ music. Finally, we just decided to pay our bill and leave to another place.

    Lina M
    April 15, 2022

    This place is under new management and now called Lulu17 Dallas. Went there for their iftar buffet, I will say the food was delicious and the place is nice. The dessert wasn’t much but still wasn’t too bad. They had a manager Layla walking around making sure everything is in good order and everyone is taken care of which was nice to see. The cons of this place are the following: the girl service the food wasn’t very friendly and when I asked her a question she ignored me. The hookah was terrible, they had to change it maybe 5+ times and still ended up horrible. Their hookahs are super old and you can tell it’s not that cleaned, after several times asking for the newer ones they FINALLY decided to give it to us. It took forever for someone to come out after our first complaint. There was a disconnect and misinformation between the staff which you can tell it caused a lot of frustration. The valet they have will charge you and it took most of the parking lot.. nowadays many businesses will offer complimentary valet not sure why there is even one. The 10% off for checking in on yelp may not work as they are under new management so I highly recommend you ask ahead of time. Honestly if it wasn’t for Layla the manager and Jesse one of the staff I don’t even know how this place will be. The manager did a WONDERFUL job ensuring everyone is happy and taken care of. Jesse truly care about our concerns and ensure that we were happy. I definitely would try the place again because of them two. But the owner really needs to step in because this place will fall apart in no time

    February 19, 2022

    Tremendous Potential! Just a few tweaks away from something that can be 4+ stars with regards to the food, the loud live band and the check situation. Two of us were hungry for Mediterranean food on a Friday night around 7:30pm. We did a quick Google Search and decided to take a chance on this place: Mazaj 51 Mediterranean Grill, despite the 3.8 Google Stars. Give a place a chance, right? We pulled up in our car and had no choice but to use valet and pay the $10 - Cash. Took a deep breath and continued on. We approached a beautiful set of wooden doors, opened-up and we saw a neat, clean modern facility with some classical Mediterranean accents. Not bad. Looks cool. We also saw that the place was empty and a clean stage ready for a band to play. This is not uncommon in Addison/DFW as this area eats later than most. We ordered a Chicken Shwaerma Platter with a side of hummus and French fries, and our second plate was the Kafta Kabab Platter with hummus and grilled vegetables. Clearly, we like hummus. Also, a side of Laban cucumber (which was supposed to be Toum or garlic dipping sauce). The food came out in a reasonable time, no complaints there. What was neat was that the plates were served on round slabs of natural wood charcuterie boards or wood servers. The visual presentation was tops! Vibrant colors, nice balance. Plenty of hot, well-spiced Chicken Shwaerma and the French fries were crispy, warm and on-point with black pepper and other spices. Hummus was average to a touch above and plenty of pita given to keep on dipping and making mini-Shwaerma wraps. Quartered pickles, mayo and ketchup were also part of the Shwaerma plate. Options for dipping. The Kafta Kabab Platter was plentiful as well with a few surprises like the very crispy, mini pizza slices. Delicious with a nice spicy kick. The Kafta were resting on these pizza slices, so you got some nice additional flavor. Very creative touch. Meat was warm to hot. The grilled vegetables were barley warm but spiced well. A warmish-quarter grilled onion and half a grilled tomato, also warmish, were on the plate with the quartered pickle garnish and some extra onions and cilantro. Now let’s get to the band. They gave us a heads-up to a sound check and we were a few feet from the speakers. While they were warming up, our heads and shoulders were moving, great sound. Modern and traditional. Was definitely a Friday night feel. After two minutes: WOW! Got very loud. Fun and funny at first, but then not fun at all. My guest went outside to avoid tinnitus or ringing ears. A few moments after my guest went outside, I stood up and walked over to the host to ask for a to-go box. Pretty quickly and nicely, I was given a box. I then asked for my check. This nice young man, the host, asked if we wanted to move our seats to which I shared a thank you, but we needed to leave. He was gracious. When I reviewed the check, I thought the prices were fair and reasonable. I did not like that an 18% tip was automatically added. Not cool. I see that the owners and staff paid some attention to these low ratings and adjusted. If constructive criticism continues to be received, and adjustments made, Mazaj 51 has potential. The setting is spacious, clean, and nice. The food spicing, presentation and taste is terrific (even when just warm). Address the parking and water options, adjust the bands volume and/or seating of guests relative to the band, don't automatically add a tip for a party of two or any party size for that matter AND put a priority on the temperature of the entire platter, then Mazaj will be above 4 stars pretty quickly. Addison has a lot of eating options in just about all the eating categories you can think of. Make it a great experience overall, then you get repeat customers and better ratings. Mazaj, you have one of the better settings. Frankly, some of the better food, and one of the best presentations of food. Please make some more tweaks so we can come back and enjoy!

    Murtaza Saifee
    August 21, 2022

    This was the best Mediterranean restaurant I have been after long time. Vibes, music was really good but it all changed when I saw my card bill. My total should be around 120$ approx but they charged me 235$ , when I called them next morning about the charge. There argument was they have charged me extra for dancer and musician as it was Saturday night so minimum per person order should be 35$. I am ok to pay if I was told before handed so I would have order accordingly. No one told us about that extra charge and I can say this was a complete fraud done to us. Please be aware next time you visit

    Hadi Shah
    August 26, 2022

    This is going to be a review worth reading because it will speak to my experience and to the other comments you see here about pricing. There are a few places you will find in life that no matter what the cost is the money was worth it. This is definitely one of those places!! First and foremost the food is DELICIOUSLY JUICY AND AMAZING! The chef Gus created such a mouth watering feast with food I can still taste while writing this. The meat is so flavorful and the presentation of the dishes were on point. I have tried many Mediterranean spots and being middle eastern myself can say this food is above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend the shish kebob!! The portions are amazing plenty of moneys worth as well. Now the service! Noris is an outstanding server always checking on us making sure everything tastes perfect with a welcoming smile. He had as laughing and made us feel so welcome to our first visit creating an everlasting experience. The hookah was smooth and made to perfection as well. With the combination of all this I can definitely say I have found my new favorite place to eat. With the gratuity added to my check already it wasn't enough. I tipped more on top with confidence telling anyone that is reading this that THE MONEY WAS WORTH IT. Thank you so much for giving me and my wife such a wonderful experience. I'm looking forward to a weekend visit to listen to the live music as well.

    Mazaj51 Mediterranean Grill (Now Lulu17 Dallas)

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