LaRae Daniell’s PPE

Addison, Texas, USA

About LaRae Daniell’s PPE

    Ladies, if you're going to wear a mask anyway, why not do it in style?

    LaRae Daniell is a local Addison small business entrepreneur who has a small PPE business based here in Addison, Texas. She does not have a physical storefront, so sales of her designer PPE are done exclusively online.

    Incredible Addison Deals From LaRae Daniell's PPE:

    • Innovative LED Designer Facemasks only $19.95!!!
    • Now, and for a limited time, LaRae Daniell is selling EVERY DESIGNER MASK ON HER WEBSITE for only $1.00!!! (Excluding LED masks).


    LaRae Daniell’s PPE

    Our Address

    Addison, Texas, USA

    From La’Rae Daniell:

    Sadly, the world is going through a pandemic.  For some of us, facemasks are now required for normal day-to-day activities such as going to work or to the grocery store.  Right now, the focus is on keeping ourselves and our family safe as best as possible.

    As a woman who loves wearing make-up as a means of self-expression, I quickly found that wearing a full face of make-up with a mask during my long work shift just doesn’t work for me.  At the end of a work day, all my make-up ended up on my mask.

    • Wearing glasses?  Forget about it!  My glasses would start to fog up immediately.
    • Ear pain from the mask?  Ouch!
    • Mask starts to slowly slip down your face while you’re talking to someone?  In my case, unprofessional.

    I needed a solution.  I set out to find stylish, beautiful, cute sexy yet practical masks that made me feel great, put together and comfortable.  The best part for me is that they allow me to use the masks themselves as a means of self-expression!

    So, I put together a collection of Protective Personal Equipment (“PPE”) for every day practical use, with some very unique features:

    • I added ear savers to save our ears.
    • The anti-touch keychain to keep us from touching surfaces.
    • For the days we need to work out, we may want a mask with a valve.
    • Going to work?  Maybe the floral or daisy pattern will match a blouse!
    • For the intimate date night, a lace mask.
    • For those of you who like to go all-in, rhinestone or sequin masks!
    • For my special customers with extravagant tastes, LED!
    • My masks also went through what I call the “glasses test.”

    Also, I didn’t forget about moms, who may need some extra masks for the kids!

    We’re all hoping, wishing and praying that things go back to normal.  When it does, La’Rae Daniell will change with it.  In the meantime, let me help you express yourself fashionably while staying safe and protected!

    La’Rae Daniel

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