2001 Midway Rd #144, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA


3.8 / 5

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    Jay Will
    March 08, 2020

    Went here last night. They charge $15 at the door (says $10 online), they say it’s BYOB but charge per bottle you bring in (didn’t disclose this until we asked about the charge on the check), they charge $7 for ice, $4 for EACH red solo cup lol! This place lacks in customer service and is overpriced for NO reason! Save your money and go to a different Hookah bar!!

    Sulayman aka costy
    September 05, 2021

    The short security negative guy needs to chill and be humble. Threating and tasing a lady! Who is a customer in the club. He is too much, he needs to be warn to be humble or he needs to get fired!!

    Edward Mason
    April 20, 2019

    The pricing here is RIDICULOUS!!!! They charge you for every little things except the air and music... 10.00 cover charge is on the sign when you first come in (But they charge you 11.00) 5.00 BYOB fee. If you are bringing in your own beer, each beer bottle/can you bring in 3.00-5.00 each. SOLO RED CUP 3.00 per cup. Over priced hookah with limited supply of flavors 29.00 I forgot what the price of ICE was due to lack of interest... And when you ask the host about these prices, they act as if the prices just came into effect when you walked in the door!!!!! It's no wonder on a Friday night NO ONE WAS THERE!!!! If you want to blow some money on some BS this is the place to go!!

    A Murphy
    May 26, 2021

    It's too hot and the people at the front door are too pushy. The last time I went I had to go home after standing at the door for more than an hour. I use to enjoy this place for and after after hour spot.

    Maureen Villamil
    April 03, 2021

    It was lit...but the Bouncers or Security need to get an organized system for the after hours,all of that pushing and shoving is Unacceptable...I will come back...and to the DJ you are Awesome 👌👏..One Love


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    2001 Midway Rd #144, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA

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