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15203 Knoll Trail Dr #115, Dallas, TX 75248, USA

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    saba mazidi
    March 23, 2022

    I ordered pizza today when I received it everything messed up. When I took a slice everything was fall down, also it wasn’t cooked well. I didn’t ordered onions on my pizza but it was a lot onions on that. I called store to talk the manager but he was so rude and hang up the phone. I had a real bad experience with this location,

    Amir Natan
    August 23, 2022

    Worst experience ever. Do not order from this place and I would suggest maybe to ban Domino’s until they improve this location. Received a message from the app that the pizza is ready. Came to get the pizza expecting to get out of there in one minute. My order was not on the screen. Checked with the lady and she told me in a rude and disregarding manner that I need to wait. I showed her the app order but she said I need to make a new order. She said if my name doesn’t show up it will be 30 minutes wait. I asked to speak to the manager. He came and said they are short staffed and that the app is sending confirmations about pizza ready and the confirmation is not coming from them! If he is telling the truth this is unbelievable. Sent email to domino’s with no reply. If the company doesn’t respond to this issue it shows the problem start from the head. I made a mistake and tried the location again. The bread was not ready. Tasted like dough. Ate less than one piece and figured out I am going to finish with a food poisoning if I continue. I was already home and didn’t have the patience nor the energy to go and return the pizza. Full pizza ended in the garbage can. And I was very hungry. So it had to be very very bad for me not to eat it. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

    TanaYah YahChild
    June 12, 2022

    This Indan has the nervers to take our food way by wal mart a expecr a tip we dont know you why did you take out food over thats why then we was closee route then my husban leaves to find the food and you ask for tip didnt yall just lie on tv said is 20% off online purchase we spent 30 dollares and out of 30 csusebabies food was spoiled you could smell DOMINOS cooked over the rotten food never again as mu h money as we spend here we are done like come on dude all iver charging for helf done food and its bad and Yall still sold i. Yahuah do your will. This systm is going down now respect

    Joe Glaser
    August 04, 2022

    Worst dominos. Issues are not one off, but consistent every time you order.

    Sarah Salinas
    May 12, 2021

    I cannot believe the experience I just had. Me and my husband ordered a large pizza, 2 lava cakes, wings and a 2Liter for curbside pickup. We got home ready to eat our food just to open it and find our pizza cut into ridiculous pieces. We call to talk to the manager , Brandon, all he tells us is to bring it in so they can remake it. NO "SORRY , no professionalism , nothing! I take it back , mind you my other food is getting cold. I get there Brandon sees me and just puts the remake on the counter and walks away without a single word or apology! He looks back and noticed I'm still there and just tells me ' YOU'RE GOOD TO GO" I tell him " no I'm not done " I'm trying to show the pizza they HAD ME BRING BACK just for him to tell me he already knows it was " AN ACCIDENT". So I told him I would like my other food to be remade since its cold now. Brandon starts to argue with me that I didn't tell him over the phone about the other remakes. I'm trying to talk to him but he constantly keep talking over me being so rude. I finally just told him just to give me a refund and all of a sudden he says he can remake my food now. HE just throws my food in and starts making other pizzas with NO GLOVES picking up all the toppings and putting it on the pizza. I find that so disgusting. I politely asked the employee ( Destiny) to come over because I honestly would just like a refund she rolls her eyes went to go tell Brandon (manager) and he yells out " I already put the food in" . He walks up to me basically told me I'm not the only order he has to deal with. look I understand I'm not the only one but there no reason for the manager or anyone to treat anyone like this especially for THEIR MISTAKE. I'm so shocked about their customer service.

    Domino’s Pizza

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    15203 Knoll Trail Dr #115, Dallas, TX 75248, USA

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