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4005 Belt Line Rd, Addison, TX 75001, USA

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    Kaylyn Flores
    May 29, 2022

    DO NOT STAY HERE! I was traveling alone as a young woman. The manager at the front was checking me in and asked me if my boyfriend was coming with me and I kept telling him I booked for one. He then proceeded to ask me again and ask why he wasn’t. At first I thought he was just making small talk as he checked me In. I go into the room and 5 minutes later he came and asked to come in to “check the fire alarm”. I said sure. He came in and looked at it for 2 seconds and started to linger and ask me more personal questions. He asked if I was sure I was staying alone tonight and if my boyfriend was coming AGAIN. Then he asked me if I was from Texas or somewhere else (he clearly saw my California ID). Then right before he left, he asked again “no boyfriend, right?” At that point I ignore him and immediately start thinking of where else I’d be staying that night, because I surely wasn’t staying there. I left the room 10 minutes later trying not to be seen. I had a full blown panic attack and went a few minutes down the street trying to figure out what to do. I called and spoke to a woman, who was no help. He ended up calling me acting as if he was someone else, but I knew it was him and I told him everything he did to me. He denied it and denied it, but agreed to refund me. When I went back up there, I spoke to the lady that was on the phone and she said that I wasn’t able to be refunded since I “used the room for an hour”. I told her she knew exactly what happened and that I was in there for 10 minutes. Her excuse then was that the housekeepers said it was dirty. I literally didn’t even pull back the covers, that’s how unused the room was. She then said well it’s because I was trying to have visitors when they don’t allow visitors. So that was his excuse to her so he didn’t sound like the creep he is. DO NOT STAY HERE.

    May 04, 2022

    I checked in quite late (3AM) as I stay hours away from Dallas. I was placed in a room which I did NOT feel comfortable in. I was frustrated and I needed rest for my 2PM training in Carrollton. I asked the receptionist (on the overnight shift), who looked tired as well, if she can have me switched. At first she said there wasn't any rooms available because most are reserved. But after I kept on pleading, she finally gave me a new room. It was a room I felt comfortable and happy with. The lady was awesome! I am so grateful for her. I was able to settle in and get ready for my training. Oh and location is fabulous as it is within a very upscale, pleasant neighborhood. I decided to extend my stay for another night and left about 2AM. I never got to thank the lady, but I am forever grateful for her. I will be staying here again!

    Anthony Cortez
    August 02, 2022

    If I could give it 0 stars I would. The cleaning crew was great. But there was food still in the refrigerator from multiple guests behind me. Rotten milk. Random red liquid in a Tupperware. Moldy bread in the fridge. It was obvious the fridge hadn’t been cleaned in sometime. Also, the toilet wouldn’t flush and I had to fix it myself. But when I left, the hotel staff asked my friend to ask me to clean the hotel room. I left 0 mess minus a full trash can and maybe some scraps that I figured would get swept up quickly. Yet they asked me to clean up the “large mess” I never made. They were kind enough to let me bring my dog with a small fee but the fact they asked me to clean a mess I never made and then to tell me I had to clean out the fridge despite it obviously not being my good in there, is absurd.

    Abraham Olu
    September 25, 2022

    I am a "if you don't have something good to say..." But I've never been turned away at a hotel/motel where I have a reservation, just cos I booked on Hopper. And they need a virtual card? I wouldn't turn away a stray dog after an international travel. You'd be simply daft if you have anything to do with this place. This is the review I wish I read before all this. Hope it helps one person.

    Brandy Goodwin
    October 20, 2022

    The facility is ran down, trashy, smelly, and way to expensive. Was there for a week. Took my own toiletries and such, thank goodness. I couldn't get them to supply an extra roll of to and at check out she says "no deposit, you no pay deposit you get no deposit back". The sign at registration desk very clearly says there will be a deposit fee returned upon checkout. We didn't get any of that money

    Americas Best Value Inn Addison Dallas

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