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    Ernie Ray Montoya
    December 06, 2021

    I have to say quite disappointing in this Aldi location. The one bright point was one employee the young African American Man who was shopping instore for customers on line. He knew the store thoroughly, and where everything was, and was the only employee we could find to navigate us through this location, Superb Job Young Man 👏. As Instacart shopper's, we had much difficulty finding products, because what people online had marked were not the same brands in your store (Really UPDATE ALREADY), because companies have not updated (such as Greek vanilla yogurt, customer was insistent on that one brands picture which is old, and has been updated by the Greek company, but not by the two companies Instacart, and Aldi online), might get together your hired employees in charge of these issues to communicate this simple fix. Mask were required but more than half the people in the store were not wearing any. As a safety measure to the people we shop for, and other customer's health benefit, we always wear our mask in every Instacart location. Most of the shelves were empty, but on the other hand the isles of shopping were not clear as no one was hardly in this location. I thought I'd check these restrooms out also, and didn't even go all the way in as I could see the disarray of the toilet, and very clear sight of its been a while since the loo has been cleaned. I sanitized my hand as I was not the one handling any of the products the customer had requested, just finding the locations they were at within the store. There is handicapped ♿ parking, and no temperature checks. I know stores can have off days, but to make it even longer in our time shopping (were timed, and graded on Instacart, we had to wait longer as their were no cashiers available at checkout). Hey, I usually do enjoy shopping at Alid's usually today was my first disappointment. I feel management, and Corporate can come together to correct the simple problems. Good luck and God bless

    Scott H
    July 29, 2022

    It is a decent location with a pretty good selection. Not a whole lot of variety outside of what one would consider standard staples for most grocery stores, but it gets the job done. Good price for nearly everything in there and the low employee rate makes the check out line a bit of a hassle to get through when it's busy, but I don't mind waiting a little bit.

    Ashley Yonker
    October 22, 2022

    I'm an aldi lover and this is the worst store I've ever been to. Produce is old and most of the time basic veggies aren't available. Store is always in disarray. I only ever see 1 person operate in the store, which should be a safety Hazard, if something happens. Clerks have headphones In and aren't all that helpful. 98% of the frozen stuff in the middle aisle has NO tag on it. Not even in the same area. Aldi should close this one down and redo it with proper staffing. You are better off going 15 mins the other way to Plano or 20 mins to Carrollton.

    Sharla Denise
    October 19, 2022

    This happened a couple of weeks ago. I want to give thanks to your employee Meleak. If it wasn't for him listening to my sister and I, we would have been attacked. My sister and I had visited this location coming from the beauty supply store next door. It was a man leaning against the cart rack. My sister was ahead of me just a little bit, then me. That same guy followed us in the store. We stop to look at wine. I notice the same guy out the corner of my eye. When I pulled I my phone, it scared him a little because he jumped. We then proceeded to look for other items, when I noticed the same guy following us still. I got a little closer to my sister. To let her know. We proceeded again, and there he was again. We went down an aisle, my sister and I we’re making small talk. He’s standing directly behind me. Laughing at what my sister and I were talking about. I will say I did position the wine in my hand, to be used as a weapon if needed. We needed to get more items but decided to leave. It was a few people in line. But my sister and I kept looking to make sure we were ok. But the time we made it to the register. The same guy was over by the refrigerator section coming towards the front. I told Meleak what was going on and that we needed to wait for our Lyft. He said we could wait inside until our Lyft arrived. But I let him know it was 3 mins away. He held the guy at the register until, we got in the Lyft. I may or may not see Meleak again. But please tell him my sister and I thank him so so much. It shook us up. But we made it home safely.

    garg Dallas
    June 23, 2021

    Always clean always organized unlike any In all Tx cities I've visited Produce and meats pretty good selections Con: Always one checkout clerk, but hey 🤷🏻‍♂️ *Carry 3 plastic grocery bags in pocket, avoid buying.


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